Hydrating Elixir

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Suitable for those concerned with the early signs of ageing and for mature skin (40+).

This innovative, light, non-comedogenic formula has an intensely moisturising and brightening effect on the skin due to its high concentration of Helix Aspersa secretion combined with Hyaluronic Acid. 

It imparts a long-lasting glow and luminosity to the skin thanks to the anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties of its active principles. It is perfect for use before make-up application. 

The outstanding hydrating capabilities of the Hydrating Elixir work well for all skin types in the summer after sun exposure. It is free of perfume so can even be used by those with sensitive or uneven skin. 

It is an excellent hydrator for the under 40s to use every morning and night as part of their skincare routine and for those who are 40+ to use in the mornings. 

Combine with the Anti-Oxidant Mist for acne-prone and greasy skin needing extra hydration. For 40+ skin, use in the morning for lighter hydration before make-up application and follow with the Face and Eye Cream at night. 

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: one pump on the face during the day and if desired, an additional pump can be used at night. Massage into the skin until absorbed. 

KEY INGREDIENTS: 70% Helix Aspersa secretion and Hyaluronic Acid.


Anti-oxidant Mist

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Suitable for acne-prone and greasy skin and those fighting the early signs of ageing. The perfect hydrator and antioxidant after-sun exposure for all skin types.

The product maximises the benefits of the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and hydrating properties of Helix Aspersa secretion and Bitter Orange peel extract. 

The Anti-oxidant Mist is intensely hydrating so also helps to maintain essential moisture in the skin and its anti-oxidant properties assist in decreasing UV damage. 

The absence of preservatives and perfume makes the Anti-oxidant Mist suitable for use by those with sensitive skin.

Combine with the Hydrating Elixir to maximise results for those under 40 wanting to fight the early signs of ageing and for those with acne-prone skin needing extra hydration.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: use twice daily on clean dry skin. One spray on the forehead and one spray on each cheek. If using on the neck and décolletage, apply two sprays. Massage into the skin until fully absorbed. Allow to dry for three minutes before applying another product. 

KEY INGREDIENTS: 70% Helix Aspersa secretion and stabilised Bitter Orange peel extract.