Kivu skin care product range
Founded in science,
derived from nature

Kivu combines scientific know-how with natural ingredients and the experience of highly skilled dermatologist, Dr Benedetta Brazzini.

The result is a range of high-performance clean skincare products that deliver brighter, fresher-looking skin with a healthy glow.

"I have always been a huge advocate of simple and effective skincare in treating the range of skin conditions I see in my clinics.

Driven by this passion, I decided to develop Kivu - a range of products providing visible and long-lasting results for different skin concerns." 

Kivu Range

Anti-oxidant Mist

Astringent, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Suitable for acne-prone and greasy skin and those fighting the early signs of ageing. The perfect hydrator for all skin types and ages in the summer months and an excellent addition to your after-sun skincare routine.

Anti-Ageing Face and Eye Cream

Anti-ageing, effective on fine lines and puffiness, brightening and hydrating. This rich, age defying 2 in 1 cream is suitable for those with mature skin (40+) and can be used both in the morning and as a night cream.

Firming Serum

Anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and tightening. Suitable for those with sun-damaged and ageing skin (40+). The perfect serum for sensitive skin, it is also ideal for those with redness and skin irritation. It is especially effective used at night in combination with the Anti-Ageing Face and Eye Cream.

Hydrating Elixir

Intensely moisturising, non-comedogenic and brightening with a light texture. Enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, this elixir will make your skin glow. Suitable for those concerned with early signs of ageing and for mature (40+ skin). It can be used on all skin types after sun exposure.


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I’ve been using the Firming Serum and the Anti-Ageing Face and Eye Cream for over a year and my skin feels soft and hydrated all the time. 

My fine lines have diminished and I don’t feel I have to put on make-up as I used to. My skin now has a lovely glow and feels firmer overall.

Chantal, 40+

I’m in love with the Anti-Oxidant Mist. My skin has cleared up and so have my blemish problems. The texture of the mist is so gentle and light that I forget I even have it on.

Thank you very much Kivu - I can’t wait to try new products!

NB, 20s

I’ve finally found the ‘dream cream’. The Face and Eye Cream is so gentle that I can even put it around my eyes without issue. 

My skin feels supple and hydrated and people have commented on how incredibly ‘well’ I look. I can’t recommend Kivu enough.

Janey, 50+
Kivu skincare use only cruelty free ingredients